Locksmith Long Beach Services Can Help You Decide Which Locking System is Right For You

Choosing the right locking system for your property does more than provide reliable security, it also provides peace of mind. Locksmith Long Beach services are dedicated to helping you find the perfect locks for your commercial or residential unit so that you can prevent the loss of valuables down the line. 

We offer a variety of recommendations, depending on the wants and needs of each individual client. Below, we have listed a variety of lock options that are worth considering in the journey toward your ideal security system. Our locksmith Long Beach experts will help you install and maintain your locking system with regular inspections, necessary repairs, and replacements. Take a look at our recommendations and see if you can find the right locks for you. 

Digital Door Locks: Many digital locks function with a keypad or touchscreen that requires a code, rather than a key, to unlock. Some people will also request to have a backup key, just in case the system crashes or there is a technical malfunction. Digital locks can be a very convenient alternative to manual locks and they are still within the price range of many budgets. For those who would prefer to go keyless and appreciate modern innovations, digital locks are a fantastic option. 

Door Knob Locks: These kinds of locks are common for many households and businesses. They are inexpensive and easy to install. If you are in need of a quick lock replacement, these locks are simple and reliable. 

Door Lever Locks: Levers are slightly easier to handle than knobs because they require less grip and pressure. These kinds of locks are ideal for older individuals and others that find door knobs difficult to turn. 

Deadbolt Locks: Deadbolts are a solid kind of lock, mostly used for households and hotel rooms. They add a layer of security to other common locks and are within most people’s budgets.

Sliding Door Locks: Sliding doors provide a convenient point of access for individuals by opening wider than a traditional doorframe. Similar to a deadbolt, sliding door locks have a lever function instead of a keyhole. Their sleek design matches many door handles very well. 

Keycard/fob Locks: Many businesses and government agencies will use these kinds of locks to assign different levels of access to certain individuals This kind of system promotes individual key entry through a more convenient swipe of a card. Since this is a digital network, one can also track the ins and outs of everyone in the system. 

These are just some of the lock options that are available for residential and commercial properties. Other alternatives include mortise locks, cylindrical lever locks, panic bar locks, and electric strike locks. Consult locksmith Long Beach professionals for more information on locking systems so you can choose the right security method for your property. 

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