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About West Coast Locksmith

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Why Choose Us

At West Coast Locksmith, we will never compromise on quality for time. We are incredibly dedicated and passionate about what we do and provide every service to the highest quality.

It is important for us to leave our customers satisfied, achieving the result which makes them feel safe and secure whether it is in the comfort of our own home or your business.

We understand that when someone is locked out of their home, office, or car it can be an incredibly stressful situation. Or if a person is experiencing a security issue which has then worried for their safety. We try our best to ensure we respond as quickly as we can to alleviate any stress caused by any situation.

Our Story

West Coast Locksmith is a family-owned and operated locksmith business, founded by Saul Revah and his wife Jennifer, that provides excellent 24-hour service to customers in the greater Los Angeles area. Our company is BBB certified and we have worked to accumulate a team of the best technicians to fulfill your locksmith Santa Monica needs at any time, day or night. 

Before our business was established, both Saul and Jennifer were off developing their respective skills in locksmithing and marketing. Saul became one of the best locksmith professionals in his area while Jennifer was diligently studying marketing management. Finally, in 2018, Jennifer’s marketing background and Saul’s locksmithing expertise combined to form a long-lasting partnership and business venture: West Coast Locksmith.

Saul and Jennifer built this company from the ground up. In the first 4 months of business, they were the sole employees of the enterprise with Jennifer scheduling all the clients and Saul completing all the jobs. Their mission to provide quality, 24-hour service required an extreme amount of dedication and perseverance with countless late nights, long drives, and work-filled weekends. Within the next year, West Coast Locksmith began to gain its footing as a reliable and reputable company for locksmith Santa Monica services.

West Coast Locksmith operates on a personal level. Instead of hiring any outside technician for the job, our business is focused on recruiting a few expert locksmiths to carry out our specialized services. Each new technician is vetted and taught by Saul himself, whose industry-specific training is invaluable to locksmith professionals entering the field.

Our exceptional locksmith Santa Monica services begin and end with Saul’s passion for fixing things. As a little boy, he was known for his habit of taking things apart just so he could examine each piece of the puzzle and put it back together. Years of training and experience as a locksmith technician improved Saul’s ability to not only fix things but also understand how and why it was broken in the first place. Saul’s curiosity for mechanics and detail-oriented approach toward locksmithing has helped grow our business’s reputation for quality, effective service. 

We are proud of our family-oriented roots. Our home office is open to all customers that need to pick up a new copy of their key or just want to stop by for a chat. One day, we hope to expand our business into a store but, for now, we are content to manage our operations from home. As a small, family-owned business, we bring valuable locksmith services to your door with a focused, individual approach. Any email or call that we receive will be answered because we live and breathe our work and customer satisfaction means the world to us. 

Customers of West Coast Locksmith are always impressed by our efficient methods of solving lock issues and our flexible schedules. Our number one priority is to make sure that customers feel safe at all times, which is why we offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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