Residential Locksmith

Our mobile service will come to your home for all your lock, key, and security needs.

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Residential Locksmith

Our mobile service will come to your home for all your lock, key, and security needs.

We’re Here for All Your Home Locksmith Needs

drilling a door for a new residential lock install

Drilling a door for a new residential lock install.

It happens to everyone at some point. You walk out the door and quickly turn around realizing that you forgot something. Then, you discover that you also don’t have your keys. What do you do? If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can call West Coast Locksmith for comprehensive residential locksmith services. We respond quickly and work efficiently to get you back into your home so that you can continue with the rest of your day.

We understand that you have irreplaceable belongings in your home. That’s why our locksmiths work to secure your home after we get you back inside. Our technicians often suggest security improvements to ensure that you don’t get caught on the outside of your home looking in. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Residential Locksmith Services In Los Angeles, CA

When you need a house locksmith to rekey your front door, side door, or patio door, we provide efficient service. We keep our vans fully stocked in order to handle emergency situations such as getting locked out of the house.

If you need a spare set of keys, want to replace damaged keys, or would like to install deadbolt locks in your home, our trained locksmiths can handle the job. We provide fast service and quality work to help keep your family and possession safe.

If you’ve had a recent break-in or have moved to a new home, you can lose sleep wondering if your existing locks sufficiently secure your home. We offer a full range of residential locksmith services including patio door lock installation and new house lock changes.

Our technicians regularly help clients who need lock rekeying, lock picking, lock replacement, or move-in rekey lock services. In fact, we have become the go-to locksmith for LA homeowners who need help with the installation, diagnosis, repair, and troubleshooting of keys, locks, and home security.

Digital & Smart Lock Installation and Lock Repair

Keypad lock with matching door knob

We installed a keypad smart lock with a matching doorknob for a local residential client.

As contemporary residential locksmiths, we handle smart lock installation, digital door lock installation, keypad lock installation, and much more. If you need help diagnosing and improving your home security, we can suggest the best way to protect your home.

Our residential locksmith services include the following:

  • Rekey locks
  • Unlock doors
  • Digital door lock
  • Deadlock, padlocks
  • Electronic locks
  • Keyless entry
  • Mailbox locks
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Doorknob and deadbolt installation
  • Bump proof locks
  • Installing new locks
  • Installing standard locks and high security locks
  • Change locks

Working with a locally owned locksmith has many advantages. We have served Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for many years. We have a passion for excellent customer service, and it shows in every job we do. Nobody wants to get locked out of their home or deal with security issues. However, when you do, it’s nice to know that our residential locksmiths are there to do the job right the first time. Whether you need locks installed or are locked out, we are committed to giving you professional service at a great rate.

We only use high-quality hardware and factory OEM parts. We have close relationships with top brands such as Doorbird, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Yale, Baldwin, Kwikset, and other security experts.

We know that emergencies don’t happen on a schedule. That’s why we’re available for 24-hour emergency mobile locksmith services in Los Angeles, CA. if you get locked out of your car, stay put, our locksmith in Los Angeles will come to you.


Residential Locksmith FAQs

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about our locksmith services for your home.

Can I use the same key for all my locks?

Yes, this is called “keying alike” and it’s a service that West Coast Locksmith provides all the time for our customers in the Greater Los Angeles area. Using one key for all of your locks gives you way more convenience by reducing the number of keys you need to carry. As long as one of your keys can slide into each lock cylinder, we’re able to key them alike. If the key does not go in, it cannot be keyed alike, we will have to change the locks to make them match.

Are you a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith in California?

Absolutely. West Coast Locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured. We follow all state and local laws. You can find our license information in the DCA License Search.

Do locksmiths charge a service fee to come out for locksmith service?

Yes, most do. West Coast Locksmith does charge a service call fee to cover the cost of our locksmith coming to your location. This fee varies depending on the distance, the time of day, and the type of service you require. We’ll alsoways give you an up front and honest quote.

Can I purchase a lock set that is keyed alike?

Yes, you can buy a lock set from us that are keyed alike. This can greatly simplify access to different parts of your home.

Can a broken lock be repaired or replaced?

Yes, normally a broken lock can either be repaired or replaced, depending on the severity of the damage and the specific type of lock. We always try to repair rather than replace it. If it’ll save you money, we’ll do it.

How long does it take to install a new lock on my house?

Typically, it takes about 30-45 minutes to install a new lock, although this can vary based on the specifics of the lock and whether or not the door is fully prepped for the new lock. Oftentimes, our skilled residential locksmiths in Los Angeles will need to re-drill and fix the door to ensure proper lock function.

What is the most secure door lock for my home?

Locks are categorized by Grades. Grade 1, 2, or 3. We usually recommend Grade 2 locks for the best home security. These are the second highest grade locks as rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), only surpassed by Grade 1 locks which are typically reserved for commercial locksmith applications.

Can I unlock a door lock with my credit card?

We certainly don’t encourage trying this as it can damage the lock and your card. Using a credit card to unlock doors only works on a certain type of lock and is not effective. Latch guards and dead latch features make it nearly impossible to use a credit card to open a lock.

Can you pick any kind of lock?

At West Coast Locksmith, our technicians are highly trained. We can help with lockout service in Los Angeles. We can safely pick open many standard locks such as Schlage and Kwikset, Baldwin, MasterLock, and more. However, some high-security locks are pick resistant. If you want extra security, consider a high-security lock from us.

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