Car Key Replacement

We can copy and replace keys for all makes and models.

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Car Key Replacement

We can copy and replace keys for all makes and models.

Convenient Los Angeles Area Car Key Replacement for Your Busy Lifestyle

Chevy Key Fob we programmed

This client wanted a spare key fob for their Chevy so we came out to their house and programmed one right on the spot in our fully outfitted locksmith van.

We understand that no one really has time for car key replacement, but sometimes it’s necessary. Lost, stolen, broken in the lock, or just not working at West Coast Locksmith, we can help minimize the impact of car key problems. Customers with missing and damaged car keys and remotes keep us busy because we have the resources and skills to make keys, program remotes, and repair most types of car locks.

We Handle Most Car Key Types and Technologies

Every key type has its own technology, and now we not only cut traditional car keys, we laser cut keys, do car key programming, set up replacement key fobs, and coordinate the tech your car needs to start, lock, and operate the way you need it to. If car key replacement costs or the inconvenience of visiting the dealer has prevented you from getting a spare set made, that’s one of the many reasons to call our car locksmith service that comes to you, throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

We Understand Your Car’s Key System, Classic or Modern

Mechanical or electronic, we’re ready to solve your car’s key challenges. From straight mechanical steering column locks to a wide range of electronic lock types, we have the technology to take care of you. If the solution is simple, like a dead remote battery or swapping the circuit board from a broken key shell, we’ll go for that and get you going. When the problem is more complex, like you’ve lost your last key set, our tech experts will get the info we need to create new ones. Yes, we can do that. Our key, fob, and remote offerings are extensive including those below — ask about yours.

  • Honda car keys and remotes
  • Ford car keys and programming
  • GM car keys and remotes including Chevrolet and Cadillac
  • Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep remote head keys and programming
  • Nissan and Infiniti car keys and remotes
  • Lexus and Toyota Transponder keys and fobs
  • Mazda car keys and remotes
  • Hyundai car keys and fobs
  • Kia car keys, prox keys, and remotes

Automotive Lock and Key Diagnosis and Repair

If you’re having trouble with your car’s key, fob, or remote, give us a call. In some cases, we may have an easy answer over the phone. Otherwise, our expert automotive locksmith can get to work discovering the source of the problem, which can be a complex issue these days since car key systems are generally computer-based. Getting to the heart of the matter with technical knowledge and a passion for excellent customer service, our locally-owned locksmith service is here to enhance your mobile lifestyle and reinforce your security. Trust us to handle your car key replacement problem, day or night, and provide an effective solution.

Professional Automotive Locksmith Service Using the Latest Technologies

West Coast Locksmith is a leading Los Angeles area expert in automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services including both mechanical and electronic systems. Our mobile locksmith comes to you and provides car key replacement, rekeying, remote programming, and other services on the spot for most makes and models. If you’ve lost your home and vehicle keys together, we can take care of both. Give us a call, 24/7, and get going again.

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