Full-Service Locksmith in Pasadena, CA


If You Need a Locksmith For Your Home or Business, Give Us a Call

West Coast Locksmith also handles the installation of gates. As seen here.

We installed a keypad lock on this gate to make it easy for residents and maintenance staff to access the property without needing yet another key.

At West Coast Locksmith, we understand how important your home, business, and auto security are. That’s why we provide Pasadena residents with 24/7 services. Some of these 24-hour emergency services include installing new locks, a lockout service, and replacing, repairing, or copying keys.

Residential Locksmith Services

Every home or apartment needs to feel secure, it’s your safe space from the outside world. Sometimes, the existing locks don’t offer a feeling of safety or security. That’s why we love to work with clients and discover what’s best to upgrade their security. Whether that’s new lock and key systems, upgrades, or replacing the existing security with new hardware. Our team is always ready to help, and discuss what works best for your home and budget. There are tons of different locking systems out there, but we’re confident when you meet with your technicians, we’ll be able to repair, replace, or install everything you need.

A Locksmith for Your Pasadena Business

Just like your home, a business has to remain secure. It’s imperative your clients and employees feel safe within the building. The same goes for when the business closes for the day. Employees and customers alike should be secure knowing their personal belongings and money will be safe when the lights go out. Our commercial locksmith services include all the door security you need. That includes high-security locks, key copies, and multi-point lock repair and installation. If your business needs it – we can assist.

Emergency Locksmith Services

You never know when you’re going to need an emergency locksmith. Maybe you’re getting ready to drive your child to school and you’re locked out of the car, or the key fob just died and you need an urgent replacement. Or, your locked out of the house and your dog is whining on the other side of the door – whatever the emergency is, West Coast Locksmith knows the problem has to be solved quickly.

Our 24/7 locksmiths service almost the entire Pasadena area. Simply give us your location and we’ll be on our way ASAP. Trust us, as humans, we understand being locked out of the car can be frustrating and scary. Nobody wants to be late for work, school, or that big date you’ve been waiting for. Call now for mobile, 24-hour emergency locksmith services. We’re sure we can help you at your Pasadena, CA, location or surrounding area.