Access Control

The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there.

Keyless Access control system have become very popular, especially for business owners because they allow you to control who gets access to your building/office with the possibility of keeping track on who and when they accessed.

We provide user friendly access control systems. Our technicians will install a custom setup that works best for your business and will make sure to guide you through the usage of it. If needed it is always possible to change the codes, deactivate FOB readers or add new FOBs to work with your system.

At West Coast Locksmith we are entry system solution experts and have technicians that specialize in this specific field. Whether it’s to install or maintain Master Key or Buzz-and-unlock system to some of the most high technological innovations on the market we can assist you.

  • Magnetic locks
  • Electric striker
  • Smart home
  • Doorbells
  • Buzz in entry systems and telephone intercom installations
  • Electric door closer
  • Remote control
  • Exit Button
  • Fingerprint locks
  • Digital Keypads (Various types of keypads for commercial and residential)


We are service oriented company in Los Angeles, that specializes in ensuring the highest security of your home and business with the use of technologically advanced solutions. We are up to date with technology and work with both local and international dealers to offer you a wide product range to choose from.Contact our office to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Our technicians will come to you and work with you to find the best custom solution for your business or home.

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