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A Price Guide to Rekeying Locks

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Info Articles

According to locksmith experts, the average starting cost to rekey a lock is around $19.00. However, most people, like those in the neighborhood of Brentwood, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, are not requesting the most basic service available. Price can increase with regard to the lock mechanics and the number of locks involved. Locksmiths will charge more for a rekeying job that requires greater skill and patience rather than the baseline procedure. In order to help determine this estimate before you call for locksmith services, we have provided a general guide for how rekeying jobs are priced. These are the factors that you should take into account when budgeting for the service.

Factor 1: Number of Locks

One of the most obvious factors that will affect the price of your service is the number of locks that need to be rekeyed. Each lock will have its own individual price, depending on the kind of lock and the complexity of its mechanics. So, in order to calculate the total price of your rekeying service from locksmith professionals, you will need to add up the price of the locks. Since most Los Angeles homeowners want to achieve the highest security possible, they will want to use high-security locks within their houses or apartment complex. For a client who simply needs to rekey standard locks, this would be less expensive. For a commercial locksmith client that wants a master key system, in which one type of key can unlock all locks, the service may be a little more expensive.

Factor 2: Complexity of Locks

Another factor that our residential locksmiths will consider when pricing your rekeying service according to Culver City locksmith professionals is the complexity of the locks involved. Some people will try DIY strategies to rekey their locks; however, not all locks are simple. Depending on the lock mechanics involved, a rekeying service will be more or less expensive. It all equates to the amount of time the locksmith has to spend on a job. Whether you have a standard pin tumbler, deadbolt, or high-security front door lock, these will require different skill levels to rekey. So, keep this in mind when you are being given a price estimate and always ask your locksmith for clarification if you don’t understand why a certain lock is more expensive than another.

Factor 3: Variation of Locks

The last thing that a locksmith will consider when pricing your rekeying service is the variation of the locks in your home. Most people have multiple types of locks in their house, from a deadbolt on the front door to a garage door lock and a backyard sliding door lock. Since these locks function with different mechanics and have different keys, they will require different resources and time to rekey. The best way to prepare for this variation in price is to take inventory beforehand. See what kinds of locks you need to be serviced and ask a locksmith for an itemized receipt so that you can track the price of each lock.

Should I Rekey or Replace?

Now that you understand the factors that will influence the price to rekey locks, you may be wondering what makes this service different than lock replacement. Locks typically need to be changed when you move into a new house/apartment, if a key has been lost or stolen, and if you have experienced a break-in. A rekeying service will be much cheaper than replacing locks and is a great option when locks are still fully functional. In the case where locks are broken or worn from years of use, Los Angeles locksmith experts such as West Coast Locksmith will recommend a full replacement.

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