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Choosing the Right Commercial Door Locks: a Guide

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Commercial, Info Articles

Business owners and property managers know securing a commercial facility requires more than just a trip to the local hardware store. Choosing the best type and grade of locks to protect your commercial property is not an easy task and there are many things to consider. That’s why the expert locksmiths at West Coast Locksmith offer complimentary phone consultations to clients in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco areas to provide customized lock hardware recommendations.

Understanding Commercial Lock Type Options

collage of commercial lock types

A variety of commercial-grade lock types (clockwise from top R): cylindrical locks, mortise lock, keypad lock, high-security padlock, and a crash bar lock.

From the exterior perimeter to the interiors, we help clients select suitable door lock types, styles, and grade levels based on their specific needs. Here are just a few examples of the types of locks we install and repair for local businesses:

  • Cylindrical locks are the most common type of lock used in commercial spaces and they come in all grade levels as well as a wide range of styles from standard doorknobs to accessible levers.
  • Mortise locks provide heavy-duty security ideal for main exterior entry doors subject to constant use.
  • Crash bar locks for high-traffic areas where people may be carrying bulky items or pushing carts.
  • Magnetic locks (often called maglocks) use magnets and electricity to keep the door locked.
  • Keypad Locks provide a high level of security and customization for interior and exterior doors.
  • High-security padlocks are optimal for storage rooms, cages, and compartments needing strict access limitations.

In addition to helping you choose the best new locks, we will also help you decide if rekeying your existing locks is a better option for you and your budget. If your existing locks are of the correct grade level and are in good shape, we can rekey them so they work with new keys which ensures any old ones will no longer work. We will also talk to you about the benefits of setting up a master key system with all-new locks, or with your existing locks that we rekey. Master key systems are great because they can improve your security while making life much simpler for facilities managers, IT staff, and other employees who need constant access to multiple locations. We also advise you on electronic access control system benefits, facilitating advanced security, tracking, and convenience through credential-based access.

Lock Grades and Certification Standards

Not all commercial-grade locks are created equal. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) locks grade levels range from Grade 1 to Grade 3, indicating durability and security. We advise clients on selecting the appropriate grade to meet insurance requirements and safety codes based on their security needs and budget. If you want to learn the details of what the different grades mean and how well they can protect your property check out this article on the ANSI website: What Do ANSI Grade Levels Mean?

Advanced Electronic Lock Options for Los Angeles Properties

Many modern businesses utilize electronic locks in place of or in addition to traditional mechanical locks and keys. The locksmiths at West Coast Locksmith can advise you on all the different access control options like keypad entry devices for convenient pin code access, proximity card readers allowing credentials to unlock doors with a simple wave, smart card systems featuring encrypted protection and data tracking, as well as biometric readers enabling unlocking through fingerprint or facial recognition. We can seamlessly integrate these systems with customized credentials, door position sensors, request-to-exit devices, and security camera networks for robust monitoring and access management.

Assessing Your Los Angeles Commercial Facility’s Needs

Before suggesting specific lock types and models, we conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation to better understand your business’s security and access control needs so we can make informed recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We assess main entry and exit doors used by staff and visitors, interior office doors and restricted zones needing limited access, emergency exit doors requiring proper panic bar hardware to meet fire codes, high traffic areas needing durable locks able to withstand constant use, as well as options for integrating new locks and access control with your existing security systems. Proper lock selection ensures the right functionality, security level, convenience, and accessibility your business requires.

You Can Trust West Coast Locksmith’s Expertise

Rather than leaving commercial lock selection to someone who isn’t an expert, you should let our experienced locksmiths recommend and install the best commercial-grade locks for your particular property. If you’re not sure what you need please contact us today and let us know what your situation is and we’ll do our best to provide an accurate quote with no obligations. If you like what we have to offer the next step is to schedule a walkthrough consultation with one of our West Coast Locksmiths to choose the optimal door hardware that will keep your business secure.

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