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Hands-Free Entry Systems Can Be Installed to Keep Your Business Safe

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Info Articles

With a commercial building, physical security is a priority to keep customers and staff safe. Locksmith services have been critical in installing efficient locks and digital access points for commercial properties. However, many businesses are witnessing a shift in consumer habits and needs with health threats on the rise.

Now, more than ever, it is important for businesses to set certain standards to eliminate as much contact with surfaces and people as possible. Social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, and increased cleaning are some things that company managers are putting in place. However, there is even more that can be done when you consider the entry points in any commercial building. Hands-free systems have allowed companies to maximize safety without compromising the security of their building. There are many ways that you can integrate no-touch doors, locks, and keys in order to reduce contact between people and exterior surfaces. Here are some of the hands-free entry systems that a locksmith company like West Coast Locksmith can install for your business:

Push Plates and Foot/Arm Pulls

Before fully automating all of your entry points, you may at first consider some hands-free options to add to your regular doors. For example, many businesses will install push plates that double as a handicap access point as well as an option for people who wish to use elbows instead of hands to open doors. Another hands-free addition that you can install on regular doors is called a foot-pull or arm-pull. All three of these hands-free options are a relatively inexpensive way to integrate no-touch entry points for your business.

Electric Strikes

Most modern entry systems will have an electric strike component built into the door. This looks like a metal plate on the door which can be locked or unlocked with a manual key. Electric strikes can also be controlled remotely through digital systems. Locksmith professionals can install two different kinds of electric strikes: fail-secure and fail-safe. The most notable difference between these two is that fail-secure strikes will continue to keep a door locked in the case of a power outage.

Keyless Entry Systems

Thanks to electric strikes, locksmiths can integrate key fob and Bluetooth systems that provide keyless entry. Many office buildings and other commercial properties will utilize key fobs or key cards in order to control the level of access for each employee. The benefit of these security systems is that they cannot be easily breached. While you can easily get a key duplicated without permission, a key card or key fob cannot be copied without access to a company’s security system. With keyless entry systems, you can promote a hands-free environment without sacrificing the strength of your building’s security.

Automatic Door Systems

Automatic doors are an incredibly useful no-touch entry solution in the times we’re living in. However, they have already been around for a long time. Many buildings are required to have at least one automatic entrance in order to accommodate staff or customers with a handicap. Now, many business owners are realizing how automatic doors can control entry points in an efficient and safe manner. If you are looking for a way to incorporate secure hands-free entry into your business, then automatic doors from a locksmith company in Westwood and Beverly Hills such as West Coast Locksmith are certainly a proven method for many commercial buildings.

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