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High-Security Locks: How West Coast Locksmith Protects Businesses

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Commercial, Info Articles

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is protecting your livelihood from threats like burglaries and break-ins. Unfortunately, many commercial spaces rely on standard-grade locks that can’t stand up to a forced entry. Upgrading to high-security locks specially designed to thwart break-ins is one of the best investments you can make. West Coast Locksmith has over 25 years of experience installing high-security locks for all types and sizes of businesses and commercial properties in and around Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Assessing Vulnerabilities at Your Business

The first step in improving your business’s security is assessing its current security vulnerabilities. When you hire us, one of the first things our expert locksmiths do is schedule a walkthrough of your property and note all the areas where security is lacking or needs to be upgraded. Here are some of the things we pay special attention to during our inspections:

  • Entry points like doors, windows, skylights, and dock access
  • Interior-restricted zones with valuable assets like equipment and data
  • Lock types, age, weaknesses, and deficiencies of current hardware
  • Blind spots lacking surveillance coverage for criminals to exploit
  • Previous verified incidents of attempted forced entry

We also note high-traffic areas that need durable locks and any issues with current access control systems. Identifying all vulnerabilities allows us to recommend robust high-security solutions tailored to your facility’s unique needs.

Why High-Security Locks Are a Must

Features of a Medeco high-security deadbolt lock

High-security deadbolts like this Medeco model have a number of features that help prevent unwanted entry into your commercial property.

Unlike standard Grade 1 locks, high-security lock hardware incorporates specialized protective features explicitly designed to resist picking, bumping, drilling, and other break-in methods. For exterior doors and restricted interior areas containing valuable assets, we strongly advocate locks meeting more advanced Grade 1A and Grade 2 standards, which can include:

  • Hardened steel casings reinforced with drill-resistant metal plates to prevent drilling through
  • Pick resistant pins, wafer mechanisms, and tamper-proof keyways to thwart lock-picking attempts
  • Customized restricted keyway systems with keys that cannot be easily duplicated elsewhere
  • Built-in alarm triggers that instantly alert building occupants of manipulation or lock tampering attempts
  • Integration with electronic credential access control systems for keeping detailed audits of access

Locks meeting these stringent high-security design standards present formidable challenges for even skilled burglars to overcome. We also install multi-layered protections combining high-security locks with secured entryways, sensors on doors/windows, security lighting, and surveillance camera coverage on blind spots—all working together to provide comprehensive physical security. The more protections in place, the better!

Complete Business Security Solutions

In addition to installing premium high-security locksets reinforced with drill plates for exterior doors, West Coast Locksmith provides complete security solutions protecting all access points, including:

  • Emergency exit doors that are properly outfitted with panic/crash bar hardware to meet fire and building codes during evacuations
  • Securing exterior vehicle and pedestrian gates with heavy-duty gate locks and bars
  • Storage units, cages, and counters properly hardened through commercial-grade padlocks and hasps
  • Rolling and sectional overhead doors secured from bottom to top with keyed and combination slide locks

We take a comprehensive approach, tailoring layered security solutions encompassing critical interior and exterior access points while meeting your business’s operational needs. No vulnerabilities are left unchecked.

Protect Your Livelihood with Upgraded Security

West Coast Locksmith recognizes reinforcing security is a crucial investment for companies in major metro areas. We offer transparent quotes and practical high-security lock upgrade guidance benefiting any budget. Our goal is to keep businesses protected against intrusions through state-of-the-art access control. Contact us today to start safeguarding your commercial property.

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