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Learn About Different Types of Keys from Locksmith Services in Los Angeles

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Info Articles

Security systems have played an important role in human civilizations for centuries. According to locksmith experts in Los Angeles, locks and keys have been used for some 6,000 years. The earliest versions of these security devices were found in ancient Egypt and Babylon. Back then, keys were bigger and heavier, usually made of wood, bronze, or iron. There have been so many technological advances since then, both in the realm of locking mechanics and the ability to manipulate raw material. Nowadays, our keys are light and small. We can have a key duplicated in a few minutes.

Security has become more readily available and sought in recent decades, which has made locksmith services a valuable asset in every city. Locksmith services in Culver City have a wide range of options for customers that seek to upgrade their security in their home or business. Locksmiths can also provide aid during lockouts, rekey locks to invalidate lost or stolen keys, and repair faulty safes. Here are some of the different keys that locksmiths will identify on the job:

Residential Keys

  • The mechanically cut key – Many residential properties have a deadbolt and a standard lock on their doorknob that can be opened by a mechanically cut key. These are the keys that you see people duplicating in those self-service machines. While convenient, these keys are not the most secure, which is why many residents will utilize more high-tech systems with this standard lock-and-key setup. Some older cars also require a mechanically cut key instead of a smart key or transponder.

Commercial Building Keys

  • The key card – Locksmith experts in Brentwoodoften see these types of keys in hotels, hospitals, banks, government buildings, and large offices. The key card has magnetic strips that can be programmed and reprogrammed for individuals to access certain doors.
  • The master key – Individuals of high authority at a school or church might request a master key for their personal convenience. This key is optimized to open every single lock on the property so that they only need to carry one key.
  • The skeleton key – When locksmiths file down a key to fit multiple doors, this is called a skeleton key. Essentially, this key is manipulated into a master key.
  • The magnetic key – These keys utilize magnetism properties to push and pull tumblers inside a lock in order to open it. According to Los Angeles locksmith experts, magnetic locks are harder to pick than normal locks. However, they don’t require electricity to function.

Car Keys

  • The transponder key – Transponders are also known as chip keys since they use a microchip to lock and unlock cars. The button will trigger a radio signal which communicates with the car’s system.
  • The laser-cut key – Also known as the sidewinder key, the laser-cut key has a pattern on each side of it that is hard to duplicate. Many transponder keys come with laser-cut keys to start the engine.
  • The smart car key – These keys function like a transponder key but they have even more advanced properties. For example, a smart car key might be able to start the car remotely as well as unlock it from a distance.
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