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Locked Out Of Your Office? West Coast Locksmith’s Emergency Guide

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Commercial, Info Articles, Locksmith Tips

Few situations strike dread in a business owner or office manager like showing up to work only to discover you’ve been accidentally locked out of the property or have misplaced keys to internal offices or other important rooms. When these emergencies happen, having reliable solutions in place keeps companies secure. West Coast Locksmith provides 24/7 emergency lockout service for commercial clients throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area. As a professional locksmith service, we want to share some of our tips for preventing a lockout situation, and a guide for what to do when it does happen.

Make Sure You Have Copies of Your Important Keys

Key duplication machine cutting door keys

Our locksmith vans are equipped with key-cutting equipment so we can make as many spare keys as you need.

One of the best pieces of advice we have to prepare for potential lockout emergencies is to have copies of important keys the business manager, owner, or facilities manager can get their hands on if their set is lost. High-quality, durable wall-mounted stainless steel key boxes can anchor essential copies on location, strategically out of public view, granting only authorized senior staff rapid access to spares when sudden lockouts occur while preventing unauthorized duplication of extra keys.

Equally critical is storing one duplicate spare key set offsite with a management-level keyholder living nearby who can urgently respond onsite with backup keys within 30 minutes. Restricting the internal distribution of additional copies to an absolute minimum is vital for minimizing security risks.

Emergency Locksmith Assistance Anytime

If all primary and backup onsite and offsite spare keys unexpectedly become unavailable, give us a call. As professional locksmiths, we have a variety of tools, equipment, and techniques for quickly and safely opening a huge variety of locks on all types of doors. When you call us we’ll send one of our mobile locksmiths to your location to get you back inside for an affordable price. While we’re there we can also rekey the lock we just opened for you in case its keys were lost and you want to make sure the lock only works with a new key.

Long-Term Solutions With West Coast Locksmith

Once stability and control return after a disruptive lockout resolution, implementing proactive long-term access control management improvements becomes imperative for preventing repeat issues in the future. Our security experts guide affected businesses through integrated solutions, including:

  • Scheduling professional lock rekeying services revoking all past compromised keys no longer in possession.
  • Installing robust upgraded electronic access control systems with door position sensors, instant alerts, and detailed activity tracking.
  • Securing rigorously regulated additional key card impressions offsite across multiple manager-level keyholders for emergency backup.
  • Exploring leading mobile credential activation capabilities through smartphones or advanced portable lockboxes issued to staff, allowing remote entry authorization during lockouts to avoid putting companies at total risk when keys go missing.

Stay Protected 24/7 with West Coast Locksmith

While office lockout incidents cannot always be prevented, West Coast Locksmith empowers businesses to handle such events smoothly through 24-hour response and upgraded key control strategies. Trust our decades of commercial locksmith experience to keep companies, employees, and assets protected even during crises. Contact us today to evaluate your protocols.

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