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Locksmith Los Angeles Keyless Entry Systems Can Upgrade Your Business

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Info Articles

Many people that seek locksmith services for their business in Los Angeles are aware of the security benefits of keyless entry systems. Traditional lock-and-key security can be simple, affordable, and comfortable for some business owners, but keyless entry provides an additional level of convenience and precision. Business owners can swap a heavy key ring for key cards, fobs, or simply Bluetooth connectivity on their phones.

Culver City locksmith experts especially recommend keyless entry systems for businesses with larger or more complex premises. The wider your professional sphere, the harder it is to monitor and protect from security threats.

Keyless entry can provide a higher level of security combined with user-friendly convenience to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the available options on the market:

Key Fobs

Many businesses will distribute key fobs to employees as a convenient way to grant and restrict access under certain parameters. When held up to an authorized reader, the key fob can transmit data through electromagnetic waves that will prompt an unlocking response. The main server can be programmed by a locksmith to accept or deny key fobs depending on the needs of the business. According to an article by The Atlantic, key fob technology has become increasingly sophisticated over the years, which is why many business owners are adopting this technology for their security strategy.

Keypad Locks

Another mode of keyless entry that locksmith experts in Brentwood are recommending is the keypad. Instead of having to carry around an unlocking device, users can simply enter the correct code on a numbered pad which promotes access. This system allows business owners to assign codes to visitors for temporary access and then remove these codes from the system directly after. In the case of a security breach, codes can be revised quickly and communicated to employees without the inconvenience of physical key exchange.

Bluetooth Lock

Finally, the newest type of keyless entry for commercial security is the Bluetooth lock. This lock functions through a deadbolt mechanic that is triggered open with an authorized Bluetooth connection. Business owners like the convenience of using their smartphones to open doors because they already have these devices on them at all times. These locking systems can also recognize certain devices so that users don’t even need to enter a code, which allows for a swift, time-saving entrance.

Keyless Entry Can Help Your Business

With keyless entry, businesses can upgrade their security systems and successfully restrict unauthorized personnel from gaining access to company property. Secure entry systems will not only help protect businesses from theft, but they can also allow business owners to monitor and control employee traffic. Additionally, the advanced technology that supports keyless entry systems can help businesses make security changes almost instantly which ultimately saves the company time and money.

Whether your business wants to integrate key fobs, keypads, or Bluetooth locks, Los Angeles locksmith companies like West Coast Locksmith can help you choose and install the best keyless system for your business needs. Contact us today.

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