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Rekeying Rental Home Locks: Guide

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Info Articles, Locksmith Tips, Residential

Rekeying Rental Home Locks: West Coast Locksmith Guide

Changing locks when tenants move is an important safety step for landlords renting out homes to protect their rental property securely. It ensures only current renters can enter the house and prevents past tenants from accessing it without approval. Our expert locksmiths at West Coast Locksmith know this lock rekeying process very well. We have helped countless Los Angeles area landlords fully rekey their rental homes for many years as different tenants continually moved in and out after completing their lease agreements. Follow our insider tips to keep your rental properties protected.

Do Complete Tenant Move-Out Inspections

When tenants officially move out at the end of their lease, you should complete final inspections, counting all physical keys, any key fobs, badges, garage access cards, and digital keycards originally given to them when they moved in per the rental agreement. Carefully check your documented records to confirm that the key counts accurately match and align with what was originally issued when that tenant took residence. All tenants must physically return any remaining extra copies before fully moving out and concluding their active lease. Promptly changing locks when keys are discovered missing without notice is critical for preserving safety.

The Need for Full Rekeying

Some landlords think replacing a few lock cylinders saves money instead of rekeying every lock. But this leaves some locks working with the same key, meaning unreturned tenant keys still work. For real safety, rekeying all exterior and interior locks is vital to staying in control. Our rekeying services cover every single lock.

Take Back Access Just for Current Renters

Some landlords wrongly think that hastily replacing a few exterior lock cylinders rather than rekeying every core lock at all access doors can save time and money. But this reckless method leaves multiple locks still working with identical keys, meaning any unrecovered tenant keys still floating around out there could potentially grant unauthorized future access by former occupants.

For genuinely safeguarding security, completing a full and comprehensive rekey of all external perimeter and interior passage locks is essential to maintaining exclusive control over your property. Our lock rekeying services responsibly cover every single existing lock on-site without exception.

Wisely Managing Spare Rekeyed Keys

While new renters get new rekeyed keys, backup copies are still useful for landlords needing occasional access. We recommend landlords store additional rekeyed keys in secure boxes, allowing easy tracking. Electronic access systems with programmed keycards or replacing locks with smart locks are another handy option.

Depend on West Coast Locksmith for Rekeying

With extensive experience working in the Los Angeles area, rental owners trust West Coast Locksmith for affordable rekeying help with smooth tenant changeovers. We seamlessly transition units the same day old tenants leave, and new renters arrive for instant safety at no liability.

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Partner with our LA locksmith experts to upgrade outdated locks while better controlling property access at all times. Call today for quotes or walkthrough help.

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