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Residential Lock Issues? West Coast Locksmith’s Repair vs. Replacement Guide

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Info Articles, Residential

Over years of use, it’s common for home door locks to develop issues like sticking, scraping, and breaking. Homeowners frequently ask us at West Coast Locksmith whether it is preferable to repair broken locks or replace them entirely. Our expert residential locksmith teams serving Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have extensive experience with lock repairs and replacements. We will always advise homeowners on the best option for their situation.

Inspecting Your Lock’s Condition

lock repair

We removed the deadbolt and doorknob lock on this door so we could thoroughly clean and lubricate them.

First, our technicians will thoroughly examine your residential locks to gauge their current condition and functionality. We determine the approximate age of the hardware and inspect for any observable surface damage or corrosion. Meticulously testing functionality includes locking and unlocking the hardware numerous times as well as assessing the door knobs/levers for any sticking, grinding, or binding issues that impede smooth operation. We may also remove the lock cylinder or take the lock off the door to assess its internal parts.

When Lock Repairs Get The Job Done

Common issues like occasional sticking, light scraping noises, and minor internal return spring breakages can be effectively remedied through professional servicing and maintenance. Our qualified locksmiths have specialized tools and expertise to provide precision services like lubrication using top-grade lock lubricants formulated specifically for home hardware. We also specialize in adjusting scrape angles for restored smooth functionality, replacing broken internal return springs critical for reliable cycling, and safely extracting any snapped key segments lodged inside cylinders. Keeping up with these types of routine tune-ups and maintenance dramatically extends the lifespan of residential locks while preventing premature breakdowns.

Considering Full Lock Replacement

Full replacement often makes the most financial and practical sense if your locks are 15-20 years old, have been subjected to harsh weather conditions on an external door, or suffered other major damage. We generally recommend new lock installation when:

  • Old locks become severely jammed with grinding and sticking that lubrication cannot smooth out.
  • Cylinders become too internally corroded or damaged to function consistently.
  • Early signs of cylinder malfunctions indicate impending failure.
  • You are moving into an older home and the existing locks are decades old and not worth rekeying.

Our locksmiths offer start-to-finish replacement services, including installing the latest security-enhanced high-security deadbolts, knobs, levers, and electronic smart locks, so call us today to discuss your needs and budget and we’ll let you know what your options are.

Enhance Home Security Beyond Basic Repair/Replacement

high security lock installation on patio door

On this patio door, we installed a high-security Mul-T-Lock deadbolt and replaced their doorknob lock with a high-security lock cylinder.

Whether completing repairs to restore your existing locks or putting in entirely new locksets, West Coast Locksmith can also help homeowners maximize security through services like lock rekeying and smart lock installation for added security and convenience.

We also discuss upgrading home protection with advanced security options like installing high-security deadbolts and lock cylinders featuring augmented physical protections against lock picking attempts, integrating modern electronic smart locks operated via smartphones, installing keypad deadbolts allowing custom pin code entry, and more. We aim to get your locks functionally repaired or replaced and significantly enhance the overall security capabilities safeguarding your residential property.

Trust West Coast Locksmith’s Residential Expertise

Don’t leave assessing tricky residential lock issues to chance. Allow our skilled locksmith technicians to inspect your locks and provide professional recommendations on repair versus replacement options. We offer transparent pricing with your security as our priority. Contact us today if your home locks need attention!

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