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The Importance of Teaching Your Kids Key Responsibility

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Info Articles

Once kids reach a certain age, they will be ready for an increase in independence and responsibility. This is an important step in maturity and a perfect opportunity for parents to regain some freedom of their own. One of the first things that an older child may require is a house key. Learning how to keep track of this key and the security of the house is something that many children would benefit from. Los Angeles​ locksmith experts of West Coast Locksmith share some of the best ways to encourage key responsibility in your older child.

Have a Talk With the Family About Home Security

Before you place a brand new, shiny key in your child’s hand, make sure that they understand what having their own key means. Establish ground rules for leaving the house and walk them through the routine that they always should follow. It’s not just about locking the doors, it’s also about closing any necessary windows and turning off lights and running water. If necessary, you can write out a list to keep on the fridge so that they don’t forget an important step.

Attach Their Keys to a Backpack or Bag

If you’re worried about your child losing their keys at first, then start out by attaching their keys to the backpack or bag they use to carry things. This will work especially well for children that walk to and from school. You can make this process even easier for your child with a retractable cord that allows them to extend the key while staying attached to the bag.

Use a Lanyard

For a more independent older child, the Beverly Hills locksmith professionals of West Coast Locksmith recommend attaching house keys to a nice, long lanyard. This can be worn around their neck or stored in bags for ease of access. Lanyards work best when you attach some heavier items to them, making your child’s house keys recognizable and noticeable if they fall on the ground. This is especially helpful if your child only has one, small key.

Customize Your Child’s Key

If you want to make sure that your child’s keys don’t get mixed up with any others, then consider having a fun pattern or design. You could even have their initials printed on the key so that they can identify their keys apart from other kids’ keys. If your child’s key ever gets lost, they will be able to describe it more precisely.

Have Consequences

Before you give your child a key of their own, make sure that they know what will happen if they lose it and then follow through with that if that circumstance arises. Many parents find it effective to take money out of their child’s allowance in the case of a lost key. Another method is to take away any fun privileges that they enjoy under normal conditions. This will help them understand that their mistakes have consequences.

Key responsibility is a great step towards maturity for any growing young person. Depending on the age that your child is ready for such a step, you may approach the lesson a little differently. Regardless, you will see the benefits of teaching them how to be responsible when it comes to home security. According to West Coast Locksmith, a locksmith Los Angeles expert, establishing these good habits early on will not only serve your family now but also in the years to come.

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