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Upgrading Office Security With Key Card Access Control

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Commercial, Info Articles

Upgrading Office Security: How Key Card Access Control Improves Protection

As a business owner, the security of your office space should always be a top priority. After all, your physical location likely contains valuable equipment, sensitive documents, inventory, and employees’ personal belongings. Given the sophisticated burglary methods criminals use today, relying solely on traditional keyed door locks doesn’t provide adequate protection anymore. That’s why an increasing number of modern offices are upgrading to key card access control systems. These high-tech systems provide far greater security, access control, and monitoring capabilities than traditional keys.

At West Coast Locksmith, we specialize in expertly installing access control solutions for all types of businesses. We help offices transition from outdated locks and keys to robust key card systems tailored to their space and security needs. Learn more about the components, benefits, and options when upgrading your office security with modern key card access control in this blog post.

Key Card Access vs. Traditional Keys

man waving key card in front of a key card reader

Key card readers can be installed next to any door you wish to control access to. When an authorized employee waves their card in front of the reader the door lock will automatically open so they can enter.

Key card access control utilizes durable key cards programmed with your credentials instead of old-fashioned metal keys. this type of access control offers much greater security as cards can’t be easily duplicated or shared like physical keys. It also allows office managers to set access permissions, track activity, and quickly add or deactivate credentials as staff changes. With traditional keyed locks, you have very limited control or visibility into who enters your premises or restricted areas. If security is compromised, lost keys can lead to costly rekeying or even full lock replacement.

Designing the Perfect System for Your Office

A complete key card access control system includes card readers installed at access points, control panels to manage the hardware, staff credentials, and programming and data software. Readers may be proximity style for tap or wave access or smart card models that need to be swiped through a reader slot. Proximity card readers offer an affordable option for low to moderate-security offices while more advanced smart card systems provide high security with encrypted credentials that are necessary for government offices, medical facilities, and other high-security environments.

Access control systems have a lot of options and features and we help our commercial clients select and design the optimal key card access control systems suited to their specific security requirements, building design, and budget.

Professional Installation and Support

West Coast Locksmith handles the full setup and configuration of your new key card access control system. We integrate the hardware with your doors and existing security systems for a cohesive solution. Our experienced locksmiths program the control settings, access permissions, and software. We can also thoroughly train your staff on using the new system and protocol for lost cards or access issues.

For continued protection, we provide ongoing support services including regular scheduled maintenance and repair of the system.  You can trust West Coast Locksmith for optimized office security during and after installation.

Enhance Office Security with Access Control

key card reader with video intercom

There’s a huge variety of key card readers on the market including ones with video intercoms.

West Coast Locksmith has many years of expertise in configuring, installing, and supporting sophisticated access control solutions for all types of businesses and buildings. We always take the time to understand your particular office security needs and challenges along with your project timeline and budget. Once we’ve worked out all the details with you we will design and install a customized system using the latest card reader technology, control panels, and management software.

Your office security is too important to leave to chance and that’s why you should partner with our professional locksmiths for state-of-the-art access control that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Contact West Coast Locksmith today for a consultation about upgrading your office security through key card access systems. Our team is ready to help you make the transition.

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