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What do you do when your sentry safe won’t open?

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Info Articles

With the increase in technological knowledge, serious care must be taken to keep your valuables secure. To make sure that these valuables—documents, pieces of jewelry, et cetera—are kept as secure as possible, many persons utilize safes.

Sentry safes are one of the most popular and most secure of all the different types of safes there are. They are manufactured with fire and water resistance features. The material used in manufacturing sentry safes provides up to two hours of protection against fire attacks of about 1000 degrees. They also equip the newly manufactured sets of sentry safes with top-of-the-shelf digital lock systems.

Apart from the above-stated features, they have a pry-resistant solid material both for the door and the body. This deters, above all, forced entry into the safe. A security alarm that deters unauthorized access and a LED interior lighting interface is part of the security features that make them reliable. They are resistant to cutting and shattering and are imputed with combination lock keys in some of its models. Other models have built-in electronic locks with override keys that assure any user of maximum security to his or her valuables.

With the impressive features that make sentry safes unassailable, it is no wonder the trouble one will be in should the locks be damaged, and it locks the user of the sentry safe out. Some people lose their combination lock keys and cannot open their sentry safe. Fortunately, West Coast Locksmiths are available to help you find the solution to these issues. We are capable of opening and repairing your safe locks without compromising the effectiveness of the safe to protect your valuables.

What does it mean to lose your combination code or key?

Your combination code or key is how you access your stored valuables within the safe. When you lose them, it means you lose access to your valuables. A sentry safe comes with numbers that allow you to create a combination code that provides you with access to the safe. But, it is possible to lose or forget the code. As a backup, in case you lose your code, keys, and keyholes give you a second window of access to your safe. However, it is also possible to lose the key and the codes too. The lock of the safe could also get damaged restricting you, the owner, from accessing the safe.

When you lose the means to access the safe, you lose your access to the safe. At this point, it is always best to invite professionals to help you to repair the locks, retrieve your code, or get you a new key. Experienced locksmiths, such as the ones you will find at West Coast Locksmiths, will make sure that they do their duties without causing any more damage to the safe.

Why West Coast Locksmith?

West Coast Locksmith is your number-one call for all locksmith problems. We are capable of handling any locksmith issue you might have, whether in your home or your office. We boast of highly trained professionals who are well-equipped with highly sophisticated tools to make sure that the job is perfectly done. It is important to note that we ensure that the problems we fix do not develop into more serious ones, thereby compromising the security of your stored valuables.

We are well-equipped to carry out repairs and maintenance on the door locks of your home, automobiles, and in this case, safes. Our expertise in the repair and maintenance of safes ensures that after an upgrade or a repair, we leave you satisfied with your safe. When you find yourself with such an issue, we promise to prove reliable in keeping your documents and valuables safe.

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