Motorcycle Locksmith

We service all makes and models and handle all your lock, key, and ignition issues.

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Motorcycle Locksmith

We service all makes and models and handle all your lock, key, and ignition issues.

Making Your Motorcycle Trips More Enjoyable with Spare Keys and Reliable Service

BMW motorcycle with a new key in it's ignition (top), and a motorcycle ignition (bottom)

Some of the motorcycle locksmith jobs we handle regularly are cutting ignition keys (top), and can replacing damaged motorcycle ignitions (bottom).

Before you take a trip up the coast on your motorcycle, it’s a great idea to make sure you have spare keys. Even more so if you’re headed up to the Santa Monica, San Bernardino, or other mountain escapes for a weekend trip. Even a missing gas cap key can turn your trip sour, and at West Coast Locksmith we can help make sure that doesn’t happen. While you’re riding around greater Los Angeles, our mobile motorcycle locksmith is the best locksmith near you no matter where you are.

Advanced Motorcycle Locks

Urban motorcyclists carry a lot of keys to secure their investment and equipment, and at West Coast Locksmith our motorcycle locksmith can replace motorcycle keys from the ignition to the gas cap, saddlebags, and helmet lock, even if yours are lost. If your motorcycle has serious lock technology such as chipped motorcycle keys or tubular Harley Davidson keys, we have serious solutions for replacing your keys if needed. We use manufacturer information and locksmith techniques to generate motorcycle key replacements even without the original. Keeping your key code and spare key available can save substantial costs in rekeying for some late model motorcycles, though.

The Cost of Missing Keys Goes Up When You’re Away

Don’t gamble that you won’t lose your keys, because those beautiful destinations don’t always have a full-service motorcycle locksmith. If they do, the prices can be much higher than ours in the city. If you’re proud of your ride, it’s also important to avoid being tempted by that friend who says they can help and damages your lock or motorcycle in the process. If you have a spare motorcycle ignition key made by a skilled motorcycle locksmith you’re covered, and adding a backup for your gas cap lock and key helps too.

Motorcycle Ignition Lock Damage Repair

If you’ve had a theft attempt or other ignition lock damage, you know what a mess that can make. Our professional motorcycle locksmith can repair, rekey, and even replace your ignition lock and make a new set of keys for you so your keys will fit and work right for reliable use on the road. We use high-quality OEM replacement parts and the right equipment for our professional motorcycle locksmith services, including advanced locks like chipped motorcycle keys and tubular Harley Davidson keys.

West Coast Locksmith, Your Motorcycle Locksmith in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Our mobile motorcycle locksmith has the parts, skills, and experience to take care of your motorcycle lock and key needs in your driveway, at the office, or wherever you need us around the LA area, both for motorcycle key replacement and motorcycle lock repairs. We’re a locally owned emergency mobile locksmith providing general services for home, auto, and business lock and key help around the clock. We have a passion for excellent customer service, and we’re looking forward to helping you with your motorcycle locksmith needs. Call.